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Acupuncture trivia
The TaiJi symbol can be seen in which element of nature
Answer: The full moon
The most needles inserted into the head is?
Over 2000
Acupuncture is used by the NFL, US Olympians, US Military, or the Denver Zoo
Answer: All of the above
Which is not the name of an acu point? Palace of Toil, Slippery Meat Gate, Snoring Crevice
Answer: Snoring Crevice
Revive people by biting their fingertips, pinching their upper lip, or punching them in the sternum?
Answer: biting their fingertips or pinching their upper lip
True or false, every acupuncture channel is paired with a physical organ?
False: Chinese medicine created an energetic organ, also the 8 extra meridians are not paired

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